Suvarnabhumi Airport - Hua Hin (RRC)

Bus Schedule:
10:00 12:30 14:30 18:00

Bus Fare:
325 THB/person

Hua Hin - Suvarnabhumi Airport (RRC)

Bus Schedule:
10:00 11:00 14:00 17:00

Bus Fare:
325 THB/person

Pattaya – Hua Hin (RRC)

Bus Schedule:

Bus Fare:
473 THB/person

Hua Hin – Pattaya (RRC)

Bus Schedule:

Bus Fare:
473 THB/person

Terms and Conditions of RRC Public Bus
Pick-up and Boarding

Online Booking/Ticket Purchases at Counters

  1. Booking of RRC services via Bell website is subject to Online Booking Service Charge of THB 50/person. Ticket purchasing at counter is not subject to Online Booking Service Charge.
  2. At the time of purchasing/booking, customers agree to accept RRC’s and Bell Travel Service’s Terms & Conditions.
  3. There is no child or elderly fare. If parents want their child to sit on their lap, the child must be less than 8 years old and not taller than 110 cm., the parent must fasten the seat belt over the child.
  4. Please input the name as shown on your passport or ID and must be the same name as the hotel check-in name so our staff can identify your presence or to contact you at the hotel’s reception if our staff is unable to find you in the hotel lobby.
  5. For customers who purchased tickets online through the website, you will receive a confirmation email and the Service Voucher to confirm your booking via the given e-mail within a few minutes sent by
    Please check your Spam or Junk folder as it might be in there. If you do not receive any confirmation e-mails from us please contact us immediately at so that we can check whether your booking was successful.

If you do not contact us and miss your booked Bus, Bell is not responsible for any liabilities as a result and the booking will not be refunded.
Do Not make a new booking until you are informed that your booking was not successful. All tickets/bookings are non-refundable in all cases.

Boarding at Airports

  1. Customers must see our staff at the “Pattaya-Hua HIn” Counter on Level 1, Gate Number 8.
  2. Customers must show a service voucher or a confirmation letter to our staff in order for us to issue tickets and baggage tags before boarding. Otherwise, passport or I.D. with the same name must be presented. We reserve the rights to not allow individuals with different names from the booking on board.
  3. Boarding will generally start 15 minutes before departure time.
  4. Be sure to book the Bus Departure Time (recommended at least 1.5 hours after your estimate time of arrival, ETA) which will give you time in order to pick-up your checked baggage, get visa, pass immigration and clear customs.
  5. If you miss the Bus, your ticket/booking is expired and cannot be used for the next Bus.
  6. However, if your flight is delayed, our staff will arrange the next available Bus for you (only when ETA is at least 1.5 hours away from the booked Bus) except for the last Bus Departure time. If there are no available seats, you will have to find an alternative transfer at your own expense. The ticket/booking is, however, not refundable.

Boarding at Bus Terminal or Other Locations

  1. Boarding will generally start 15 minutes before departure time at Bus Terminal.
  2. If you are boarding at other locations such as Cha-am intersection please wait at the designated pick-up time, 15 minutes after bus departure time. Calling our office to ask, if the bus delays, is strongly recommended.
  3. The confirmation email or voucher must be presented to our staff in order to issue tickets and baggage tags before traveling with RRC. Otherwise, passport or I.D. with the same name must be presented. We reserve the rights to not allow individuals with different names from the booking on board.
  4. If you miss the bus, that ticket/booking is expired and cannot be used for the next bus.
  1. All cancelled bookings/tickets will not be refunded and cannot be used for other customers’ bookings.
  2. However, all bookings/tickets can be amended on date & time or from & to location of the same customers’ names only, changing route is not permitted. The change/amendment must be done at least 2 days prior to your departure/service date.
    • If you book via the website, you can change/amend via the website at “Search Booking” menu by entering your booking number and the email used for that booking. There will be no change/amend fee.
    • E-mail us at with your booking number or details with your new plan at least 3 days in advance and our staff will change it for you but there will be a change/amendment fee of 30 THB/person.
    • Change/amend your booking at our counter with a change/amendment fee of 30 THB/person
  3. If the new fare is higher, you will have to pay the difference, but if the change has lower fare, we will not refund the difference.
  1. Each passenger is allowed to have 1 checked bag with maximum weight of 20 kg. and 1 personal bag free of charge.
    • A small personal bag, not a carry-on with wheels, such as handbag or computer bag which can be put on overhead compartment. Due to the overhead compartment is very small if your personal bag does not fit, you have to put it on your lap. It must not bother a passenger next to you.
    • A bag or suitcase with maximum weight of 20 kg. It will be placed in a baggage compartment under the coach. 
    • Extra/Oversized/Excess weight or bag is subject to extra fee as shown below:
  2. Item Weight (kilogram) Fee (Baht)
    Bag less than 20 kg. 20
    Bag 21-30 kg. 50
    Baby Stroller Small size 50
    Baby Stroller Big size 100
    Bag, Golf bag (regular size) 31-50 kg. 100
    Bag 51-80 kg. 150
    Bag, Bicycle, Golf bag (big size), TV set 81-100 kg. 200
    Surfboard   300
  3. All items must be folded and properly packed in a box or bag in order to avoid any damage during your journey.
  4. The baggage fees cover transportation costs only and do not include baggage insurance in case of damage or lost. We advise that passenger purchases appropriate insurances to protect your baggage from any mishaps that may occur.
  5. For every fee payment, we will provide a receipt and a tag for your bag. If any of our staff or team members fails to do so, you may send your complaints to
  6. If any passenger fails to pay the fee for extra bag or oversize/overweight bag, we reserve the right to not bring that baggage on board.
  7. All baggage must be clearly labeled with the owner's name and destination address.
  8. We advise that the following items not be included in baggage. They should be carried and kept with you at all time. We will not accept any liabilities for damages or loss of these items:
    • Cash and/or cash equivalent;
    • Jewelry, antiques or similar valuable items;
    • Any fragile items (e.g. glassware);
    • Electrical or electronic components (e.g. camera, mobile phone, laptop).
  9. Our staff will offer to help customer carry and lift baggage up and down our vehicle and they will do their best to handle all baggage with the best possible care. If you are afraid that harm will be done to your baggage, please inform our staff not to help with the baggage. All bags will be piled on top of each other in the compartment as we have limited space for baggage. Therefore, the customer’s baggage is carried entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any losses and/or damages. The customer is therefore advised to carry travel insurance to insure your property.
  1. All kinds of animals are not allowed on board except for assistance dog.
  2. There are possibilities that our buses are late from their departures and result in late arrivals. Please make sure that you have ample time for late departures and/or bad traffic along the way which will result in late arrival at your destination. We are not liable for any missed flights, trips, and/or activities.
  3. Our vehicles are insured for passengers and third party claims as required by the Thai laws. The insurance covers a maximum of 100,000/person in case of medication expense or death or losses of your bodily organs. All customers acknowledge and accept our insurance coverage while purchasing/booking their tickets. We strongly recommend all customers purchase travel insurance to cover any expenses on injuries, losses or damages up to their satisfaction.
  4. Smoking and the drinking of alcoholic beverages are not permitted while traveling on Roong Reuang Coach’s vehicles. Our staff reserves the rights prohibit drunk or misbehaving customers on board if he/she feels that these customers will disturb others.
  5. It is required by law that all passengers must fasten their seat belts while travelling on all public transportation. Otherwise, they can be subject to 5,000 THB fine.
  6. We do not supply baby seats or child booster seats for children. You can have your child sit on your lap with the seat belt fastened over your child.
  7. We will do our best to supply all passengers with optimal comfort and convenience while traveling to your destination. However, we are not responsible for any liabilities occurring beyond our control, such as accidents causing delays to the vehicle, restricted vehicular access, exceptional or severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, deaths and accidents on the road, unforeseen traffic delays, any actions by third parties, problems caused by other customers, impediments such as being held or delayed by a police officer, government official, or any other circumstances that may affect the passenger’s schedules and safety.
  8. We are not liable for any consequences that may occur if customers fail to follow our Terms & Conditions.